The abstract, to be written in English and must have no more than more than 300 words, should be informative and stand alone in its content and meaning. It should include a brief introduction, methods used, key results, brief discussion and a conclusion. The abstract will be reviewed based on technical merit, scientific contribution and relevance under the chosen theme. (Please use the template attached here)


Abstracts should be sent to the following address: ypg(at)

Please ensure use the following email’s subject: ISWAYPG2019_Surname_FirstName


In addition to the abstract, please include in your email the following info:

o   Full name;

o   Affiliation;

o   Age;

o   Country; and

o   Short bio.


All the abstracts submitted will be reviewed. Authors of the accepted abstracts will be notified by 23rd June 2019.

All accepted and presented abstracts will be published in the conference proceedings soon after the completion of the conference.


Please read the following important notes:

  • Applicants (from both industry and academia) who are under the age of 35 are welcome to submit their abstracts.
  • Attending the conference -as listeners- will be available for everyone (no age limit).
  • Each presenter may submit one abstract only.
  • Submissions should be thoroughly checked for spelling and grammar before submission as they will be reproduced as submitted by the author.
  • Changes will not be entertained once the abstract has been sent to us.
  • Authors are advised to seek assistance to proofread the abstract if English is not their first language.
  • It is the sole responsibility of the authors to ensure accuracy of scientific content and language.
  • The abstract must not contain figures, tables or references.
  • Please use abbreviations with restraint.
  • The authors of accepted abstracts will be invited to deliver an oral presentation online (screen sharing).

Consent, Permission & Copyright

By submitting an abstract, the author(s) confirms the following:

o   To accept responsibility for the accuracy of the submitted abstract and understand that amendment is not allowed once it is submitted via email and information provided will be published exactly as submitted.

o   All co-authors are aware of and give consent to the content of the abstract and data presented before it is submitted. The submitter accepts responsibility as the contact person for all correspondence about the abstract and to share information with all authors about its status.

o   Authors are responsible to ensure the work is original and that it does not infringe upon any copyright, proprietary or personal right of party.

o   Authors are responsible to identify and sort out any potential conflicts of interest e.g. financial interest in products or processes described in the presentation materials, stock ownership, and membership on an advisory board or board of directors or other substantive relationships.

o   Authors confirm that that the presenting author has read and understood the general information and the requirements he/she is expected to fulfil.