We are passionate about improving education in waste and resource management. Our first project stage (currently in progress) is to develop a database of existing waste education initiatives from across the globe. In future project stages we will identify gaps in initiatives and develop a toolkit for waste education for schools.



The objective of this group will be to engage with children and youth to develop a toolkit/curriculum on waste and resource management, and to take the principles of waste recycling and minimization into classrooms. The WG on education will also work closely with the WG on communication to report the group’s activities through the newsletter and social media channels.

  • Initial ideas and possible activities for the first year
  • Develop a toolkit for school kids to teach them about waste and resource management principles
  • Develop a standard presentation (perhaps a dynamic one using prezi) that can be given by any YPG either physically or online to a group of school children
  • Engage university/college students in educational projects
  • Volunteer to work with a few schools a year

Interested members

Please send an email to aramola(at) if you are interested in joining this working group or if you have information to share on a waste education initiative.


Current Activities

Waste Education Survey & Award