Mentorship & Career Development

We run initiatives to help our members further their professional development.

Our mentorship programme connects young professionals with the world’s leading industry experts from across ISWA’s networks.

We host career events to provide information and share stories about career paths in waste and resource management and connect our members with potential employers.


Download the full brochure on the YPG Mentorship programme here. 

Applications for the mentorship program are now OPEN. 

Some Testimonials...

ISWA YPG  is a great platform for a mutual exchange of experiences. The contact between the professionals and the newcomers offers the opportunity of supporting career management and approaching different generations, customs & implementations. The first career event with young professionals and experts at IFAT Munich 2016 was a complete success.


Rüdiger Siechau, Germany (Mentor & National Member Representative to the Board)





The YPG Mentorship programme has helped me enormously to progress in my career. My Mentor, Dr Jane Gilbert, was always available whenever I needed her advice throughout my PhD research journey and job hunting process. Thanks to her nomination, I also received an award from the UK Chartered Institution of Waste Management.


Ramy Salemdeeb, Gaza/UK, Germany (YPG Member & Mentee)