Waste Education Survey

The International Solid Waste Association Young Professionals Group (ISWA YPG) is running a global campaign #WhatHappensToMyWaste to raise awareness about how waste is dealt with in different places in the world and how to prevent waste at source. We are encouraging schools, community groups and individuals worldwide to ask what happens to their waste and go on a journey of discovery and learning.


Fill in the Survey Now!

The ISWA YPG Education Working group is launching a survey to collect information on waste education initiatives and also information about waste facilities worldwide. The first of its kind database aims to be a comprehensive collection of interesting concepts and materials on waste and resources related information.

The aim of this survey is to develop a database of:

  1. Existing waste education initiatives – the database will help us collect data about the already existing initiatives and analyze the existing gaps and ;
  2. Waste management facilities from across the globe – we will use the data collected to map locations and details of these facilities worldwide

Take the opportunity to participate in the first of its kind global education survey! You could be a young professional, a student, an educator, or simply interested in waste education worldwide. Using the data collected we will conduct a gap analysis to provide key insights on waste/resource education globally in the form of a report.

We invite you to take part in a short survey by clicking on this link. This allows you also to apply for the ISWA YPG Education Award (see information below). You may choose to receive a copy of the survey results and the report.
Thank you in advance!
ISWA YPG Education WG Team

ISWA YPG #WhatHappensToMyWaste Education Award

This award has been designed to recognize excellent Waste Education concepts, materials, projects and lessons that help people understand what happens to their waste.

It is open for participation for

  • Schools and
  • Recycling Companies, NGOs, other “waste educators” (both ISWA members and non-ISWA members).   


Evaluation Criteria

  • The school project should be Educational - teaching students what happens to their waste
  • Fun For The Students
  • Innovative & Creative

Prize for the 3 Best School Projects: 

1st prize: 300,- EUR

2nd prize: 200,- EUR

3rd prize: 100,-  EUR  


The 3 award winners

  • Will receive an ISWA YPG certificate
  • Are publicly acknowledged and profiled in our newsletter & communication channels.
  • Will be presented at the ISWA World Congress 2018 in Kuala Lumpur.  

Recycling companies, NGOs, Other Waste Educators:

Evaluation Criteria

The concepts, materials, projects or lessons on waste education should be:

  • Engaging
  • Educational - teaching the public what happens to their waste 
  • Innovative & Creative
  • Not commercialized  

Prize for the 3 best concepts, materials, projects or lessons on waste education

The 3 award winner:

  • Are publicly acknowledged and profiled in our newsletter & communication channels (reach: approx. 10,000 people)
  • Will be presented at the ISWA World Congress 2018 in Kuala Lumpur.

Decision On The WINNERS:

1. All submissions will be uploaded to our Facebook page for public ranking (50%)

2. ISWA YPG jury (50%) based on the evaluation criteria


  1. Please fill in our short survey on waste education by following this link
  2. Send in any additional information and / or a short video / photos describing your project to ypg(at)iswa.org
  3. Extra points: Post photos / videos of your project to our Facebook group #WhatHappensToMyWaste using #WasteEducation

Deadline for submission extended to: September 9 2018