A world without waste

Beatriz Perez, Cranfield University.

18 Jun 2018 -




A world without waste

It is said that when ideas are presented in threes, they are more memorable. I hope it is right.

#BasicElements… "The WATER has spread through the AIR dreadful news to the EARTH: the ocean is full of waste".

This has proven that:

• THE PAST system (resource-transformation-waste) is FAILING as encompassed:
Single use OBJECTS. Non-recyclable MATERIALS and Toxic COMPOUNDS.

• THE PRESENT needs CHANGES, so to achieve a seriously #Sustainable development which, guaranteeing PROFIT, respects all PEOPLE and the whole PLANET.

• THE FUTURE system (resource-transformation-resource) is not about neglecting, throwing away and buying but about CARING, REPAIRING and BORROWING.

Please, remember:

#We are…
use care products that don’t have micro-plastics
come up with ideas to share, reuse or recycle the product
contemplate and be grateful to Mother Earth

In all the #StagesofLife : 
Give them the day they are born routine objects that last forever (set of cutlery, a toothbrush with replaceable brush, a washable bottle…)
live the present and take time to cook, calm to plan your purchases and attention to grab that cloth bag.
Recall your traditional objects and help us bringing them back today (metal cups, cloth tissue, vegetable sponge)

#SchoolofThoughts work to…
- SCIENCE: identify poisonous subtances, discover synthesis routes for compostable materials, improve recycling technologies.
- HUMANITIES: compose, draw, play, express, craft, pray for a world without waste.
- SOCIAL: enforce laws to forbid avoidable plastics, create markets to foster recycling, punish those polluting.


 About the author: 

I am Beatriz Perez from Cordoba (Spain). I have done both a bachelor and the first year of a Master in Agrifood Engineering at University of Cordoba. I am completing second year through a double degree programme consisting in a Master in Energy from Waste at Cranfield University (UK).

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