ISWA Young Professionals Group launched in Portugal!

10 Sep 2018 -

The ISWA Young Professionals Group (YPG) Portugal chapter was officially launched by the Portuguese Association for Sanitary and Environmental Engineering (APESB), being the ISWA National Member for Portugal.


The vision of the group is to create a trend in the waste sector on the use of new technologies and innovative content to promote the engagement of the youth in the valorization and circularity of resources. The group has prepared an initial working plan comprising an active cooperation with the ISWA YPG and participation in the #WhatHappensToMyWaste campaign. 


With members up to 35 years old, this group is constituted by professionals of a generation that lived through some of the biggest technological disruptions, especially in terms of communication. The proximity to the younger generation, the iGeneration, places the group in an ideal position to discuss the impact that new technologies have on jobs and bring this issue to the attention of university professors responsible for curriculum development and human resources managers.


Keeping up with new technologies is essential to achieve true advances in the waste sector. Blockchain, a technology based on the digitalization and encoding of transactions in a decentralized way, has a great potential in different applications including safe storage and transfer of medical records and virtual currencies. Although Blockchain based technologies have been implemented since 2008, the regulatory process for its incorporation in most sectors has been slow. The group intends to explore the potential of this technology for the waste sector, particularly for the Pay-As-You-Throw systems.

With the focus of transitioning to a circular economy model, the group will address the topic of Urban Mining. The speed of electronic processors has doubled every two years, during the last 50 years. With this evolution, citizens are prone to exchange electronic devices very frequently, which results in the creation of obsolete equipment stocks in their homes. According to the estimates by the Urban Mine Platform, an inhabitant from the EU28+2 stocks in average 230 kg of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE), the equivalent of a big African lion. Urban Mining aims to retrieve the stocked equipment and recover its constituting raw materials, such as precious metals. The group aims to develop a campaign to explore the potential for EEE retrieval from Urban Mining.

If you are interested in joining the ISWA Young Professionals Group in Portugal, please contact Soraia Taipa via ypg.waste(at)



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