The 2018 ISWA YPG UK Blog-Writing Competition: Winners Revealed

9 Sep 2018 -

The International Solid Waste Association (ISWA) Young Professionals Group (YPG) recently organised a blog-writing competition offering a chance for entrants to win up to £300.  The theme for these blogs was ‘A World Without Waste’ which tied in with this year’s campaign #WHATHAPPENSTOMYWASTE.


The competition, sponsored by Biffa and Veolia, provided an opportunity for students and young professionals to join the ongoing discussion on how best we can minimise waste generation and reduce our impact on the planet. Bloggers were challenged to envision the actions individuals and communities can take in order to progress towards a world without waste.


The final scores, awarded by our referees, were very close, but we are pleased to announce that the winners of the 2018 ISWA YPG UK Blog-Writing Competition are:

1.     Katharine Blacklaws – Eunomia Research & Consulting (First prize, £300)

Katharine wrote an excellent blog post regarding the issue surrounding menstrual products and the potential for re-use to tackle this waste.


2.     Rebecca Maskrey - Paper Round (Second prize, £200)

Rebecca’s blog discussed the prominent issue surrounding plastic waste and the potential solutions that could be used to tackle this issue.


3.     Tanguy Tomes – Eunomia Research & Consulting (Third prize, £100)

Tanguy wrote an interesting blog post regarding the important issue of adoption of infrastructure within the developing world.


Commenting on the competition, Dr Adam Read, External Affairs Director at SUEZ, said: “I really enjoyed judging the blogs, which covered the breadth of the sector’s hot topics. They were well written, passionate and compelling, and it is always a shame that there could be only 1 winner. Well done everyone, this should prove to be a popular competition year on year.”


Jesse Duggal, Senior Projects Officer at Hampshire County Council and a member of the review committee, added: “The winning entries were well researched, showed good understanding of their subject matter, and were clearly presented in a way to inform and prompt discussion. Let’s hope the discussion continues and inspires both the authors and readers to continue working towards a ‘world without waste’.”


When developing this blog competition, we had purposefully chosen a broad topic to identify key areas within waste that professionals are passionate about and interested in. It was very interesting observing the different approaches and sub-topics which entrants chose to write about.

This blog post competition is part of the wider #WHATHAPPENSTOMYWASTE global campaign which is run by ISWA YPG.  This campaign aims to raise awareness about waste and its diverse impacts on our environment.


As a last note, we would like to thank our sponsors, without which this competition wouldn’t have happened. Veolia and Biffa have supported us in this competition and have generously provided the prizes for our three winners.


On behalf of the UK ISWA YPG,

Joshua Parsons, Westbury Environmental Ltd

Dr Ramy Salemdeeb, Ricardo Energy & Environment

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