5th ISWA YPG International Online Conference

22 July 2022 – 09:00 – 12:00 CEST


End of Business As Usual in Waste Management: The Role of Young Professionals

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The Young Professionals Group (YPG) Online Conference is the leading international conference for young professionals on waste management.

The Conference aims to address the issue related to the promotion of the circular economy principles. It focuses on the involvement of new circular thinkers (under 35 years old) involved in research and innovation toward a sustainable solid waste management.

A special focus will be given to the citizens that are not able to provide their ideas and vision to an international audience. Citizens, informal workers, and interdisciplinary experts like sociologists, architects, designers, and philosophers who want to share their views toward a circular world will have the possibility to introduce it in a special session of the conference. The objective is to give a voice to those who do not have a voice!

Date and timing of the conference:

  • Friday, 22nd of July 2022



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Conference Agenda

Honorary Speakers

Special Session 

Objective of the conference

The objective of the conference is to stimulate the interest of young scientists and citizens in relation to the targets of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. The event gives the opportunity to share experiences and knowledge within an international platform of young professionals.

What is the main focus?

Special attention will be drawn to the topics related to waste minimization & recovery, resource circulation, technological innovations, uncontrolled waste disposal, and environmental impact assessment of waste management systems.

A special  emphasis will be placed on circular economy.

Why attend?

This online event is a global call for action for young professionals and an opportunity to expand your knowledge in relation to innovative approaches at a global level.

The Conference will provide an opportunity to bring together young professionals from government departments, industries, municipalities, private institutions, academia, research & education institutions and will create a forum for the exchange of the most recent ideas, techniques & experiences in all areas of solid waste management.


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Conference Agenda



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Conference Committee 

Conference Chairs

Dr. Amani Maalouf                                                                                            (Lebanon)

Dr. Amani Maalouf (Lebanon)


Dr. Navarro Ferronato                                                                                          (Italy)

Dr. Navarro Ferronato (Italy)


Organizing Committe

Chantal Mambu (Indonesia)

Chantal Mambu (Indonesia)


Barbara Lopes   (Portugal)

Barbara Lopes (Portugal)

Contents Developer

Ankur Saini         (Germany)

Ankur Saini (Germany)

Promotion & Marketing


Roland Thompson

Roland Thompson


Adeline Mertenat

Adeline Mertenat

ISWA Regional & Local Chapters

Previous Conference Proceedings

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2nd ISWA YPG Online Conference

The ultimate journey from dumpsites to a circular economy: Best practices & innovative solutions for low- and middle-income countries

3rd ISWA YPG Online Conference

Transition to a Circular Economy: Innovation and Sustainability in Waste Management Systems 

Contact Information

For any information, send an Email to:

Chairs of the Conference Committee,
Dr. Amani Maalouf & Dr. Navarro Ferronato