The Leadership Team

Our dedicated and talented leadership team lead the group’s initiatives and together oversee management of the YPG.


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Dr Andrea Winterstetter, Chair & Co-Lead Online Discussion Meetings
Kamal Raj, Vice Chair & Lead Membership Engagement

Jiao Tang, Lead Local & Regional YP Networks
Jiao Tang: Lead Local & Regional YP Networks
Dr. Frida Jones, Co-Lead Mentorship & Career Development
Dr. Frida Jones: Co-Lead Mentorship & Career Development
Paul Stegmann, Germany: Lead Mentorship & Career Development
Paul Stegmann: Lead Mentorship & Career Development
Nina Tsydenova, Co-Lead Online Discussion Meetings
Nina Tsydenova: Lead Online Discussion Meetings
Aditi Ramola, Austria & India, Lead Education
Aditi Ramola: Lead Education
Kristyn Oldendorf, Lead 2017 World Congress
Kristyn Oldendorf: Co-Lead 2018 World Congress
Vishwas Vidyaranya, Co-Lead Research
Vishwas Vidyaranya: Co-Lead Research
Dr. Ramy Salemdeeb, Co-Lead Research
Dr. Ramy Salemdeeb: Co-Lead Research
Kathrine Heinrich, Lead Communication
Kathrine Heinrich, Lead Communication
Rachele Chwee, Lead 2018 World Congress
Rachele Chwee, Lead 2018 World Congress