The objective of the education working group is to raise awareness about the importance of environmental and waste education and have a real-life impact on education. The group aims to provide guidance, waste literacy, tools, and practical actions. 

 Environmental education should be a strategy for prevention, participation, and intervention of all. We are passionate about improving education in waste and resource management and we are totally in line with UNESCO goals. 

Bárbara Lopes

Bárbara Lopes

Education Chair

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Please send an email to if you are interested in joining this working group or if you have information to share on a waste education initiative.

Objectives of the Working Group

According to UNESCO, the main goals in environmental education for young people: 

  • Make them aware of environmental problems.
  • Foster their interest in the care and improvement of the environment. 
  • Develop the ability to learn about the environment.
  • Expand their ecological knowledge in subjects such as energy, landscape, air, water, natural resources, and wildlife. 

Why we Do What we Do ?

We are responsible for the future; we must involve actively to manage changings in a sustainable way and aim to impact on future environmental actions. The international group shares knowledge, exchange visions about education and leads waste education or environmental education globally.

Members of the Working Group

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Resources Platform. 

This global platform provides tools such as guidelines, factsheets and activities related to waste education. 

The aim is to increase awareness around waste management and enable each of us to engage in the community and act accordingly. 

Discover all the ressources collected by the Working Group and Network very shortly here. 

Already Some Usefull links....

Educational Awareness Program for Waste

The programme is focused on waste management (what happen to my waste; how was waste management in the world; waste to energy and other themes). It provides guidelines for teachers and this program is remarkably simple to implement. 

Who we want to educate? Students 13-15 years old

Who will educate / Who will use our program? Schools, ministries of health, head of schools, high school students, teachers, …



The WG organizes online events inviting international speakers involved in solid waste management and Education.

Waste Wise Education – Exploring Effective Approached & Best practices

More information, presentations & recording HERE. 

Webinar de Educación Ambiental en Residuos Sólidos – Experiencias Innovadoras en Latinoamérica

More information, presentations & recordings HERE. 

Waste Wise Education Webinar in South Asia

More information, presentations & recordings HERE.