Flagship Projects

Creating Zero Waste Communities

The ISWA Young Professional Group in partnership with the UN-Habitat’s Waste Wise Cities Program are launching the 2023-24 flagship program “the call for best practices on awareness and education initiatives for creating zero-waste communities”. We are looking for innovative, effective, and replicable best practices that have achieved measurable outcomes in waste reduction, reuse, and recycling.

The winning best practices would be awarded with a prize money First prize – 1000 Euros, Runners up – ISWA one-year paid membership.

To participate in the call for best practices, submit your best practice along with supporting materials, such as educational materials, posters, flyers, or videos, and pictures of the initiative implementation before 30th September 2023 to ypg@iswa.org


Download the Submission Template here!


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That’s Rubbish

Help us undercover myths that are being perpetuated so we can talk about them and uncover the truth with research, rationality and reason!

This could relate to anything in waste: legislation, policy, transport, separation, statistics, journalism or treatment. Examples could be news articles, social media posts, tv shows or documentaries…

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The Face Behind My Waste

The intension was to shine a light on those working in the world of waste management.

Their efforts are essential to ensure healthy and safe living conditions for all of us everyday.

You can check out all the awesome submissions by searching the hashtag #TheFaceBehindMyWaste on Facebook.

Mapping The World’s Waste Challenges

The aim was to collect as many responses as possible to create a ‘World Waste Map’ that displays major waste challenges by country.
Over 1400 waste and resource professionals across 87 countries, home to
over 80% of the world’s population followed our call, and took part in the vote to select the number one waste challenge they are facing in their country.